Department of Civil and Structural Engineering

The study programme of the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering aims at effectively keeping up with the technological advances in this field, and providing knowledge that can fulfil the modern technological demands of the labour market, so that its graduates can offer excellent services and also have better chances of being absorbed by the market. More specifically, its main educational goal is to improve the understanding and the implementation of informatics applications in several fields, such as preparing studies, supervising construction works, organising and managing construction sites, restoring buildings, saving energy and dealing with environmental technologies.    

The profession of a Civil and Structural Engineer includes a variety of activities, which deal to a great extent with studying and completing construction works, organising and supervising the construction site, producing and trading construction material, providing knowledge in every level of education, topographic mapping, etc.

A lot of effort has been made, so that the study programme and subsequently the relevant professional field meet the needs of both the Greek society and the labour market. Therefore, despite the problems that do occur, including the problem with the recognition of the professional rights and the ability of the Engineers of Technological Education to attend master programmes in Greece and abroad, our Department attracts not only qualified scientists and professionals to work as teaching staff but also young people of our country who seek a solution in the problem of their career path by attending a higher education institute that offers significant chances and opportunities for finding a job.  

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