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Welcome to the website of the Department of Accounting and Finance, School of Management and Economics (SME), TEI of CRETE.

The Department of Accounting and Finance has resulted from the merging of two previous Departments that belonged to the School of Management and Economics (SME), a) the Department of Accounting located in Heraklion and b) the Department of Finance and Insurance located in the Agios Nikolaos branch of the Institute, according to the Presidential Decree 104/2013. Hereby, we present you the Undergraduate Study Programme (USP) of the Department of Accounting and Finance, SME in Heraklion. The USP was structured in a way that would meet the modern demand for critical approach to both Accounting and Finance with regard to relevant fields such as Economics, Business Administration, Law and Information Technology. The goal of the department’s scientific staff is to create qualified scientists, capable of fulfilling the modern requirements of companies and organisations from the private or the public sector. Moreover, in 2009 it was the first Department of the TEI of CRETE to offer a Master Programme of Studies on “Accounting and Auditing”; the Master Programme continues as an accredited programme till today and it has already contributed to the Department’s academic acknowledgement, while it has gained positive feedback from both the academic society and the Trade and Industry bodies, in Greece and abroad. Within European Exchange Programmes for students of Higher Education, our students travel abroad where they can complete a part of their study programme or their practicum; then, they can either come back full of life experiences or they can choose to stay and continue with postgraduate studies or even work there. The labour market has absorbed our graduates to a great extent so far. This can be proved by the numerous letters of companies asking our senior students to choose them for a practicum and then for a permanent job. The majority of our graduates (more than 85%) works in the private sector, in companies relevant to their field of study, such as finance and accounting departments of companies, accounting and tax offices, departments relevant to the accounting department that supervise workflow, like the costing, the sales and the provisions department; they are engaged in the internal audit of a company or work as external auditors of audit companies; they work in the financial management of companies and organisations, in the analysis of investment decisions, loans and insurance risks, as financial consultants and insurance agents, etc. It is worth mentioning that these difficult times make our academic team more decisive in making our vision come true, which is no other than EDUCATION, in other words creating citizens who think freely making use of the knowledge acquired in the fields of Accounting and Finance.

Professor Christos Floros

Head of Department of Accounting and Finance

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