Chania is a coastal town of Northwestern Crete, one of the most important ports in Crete and Capital of the Prefecture of Chania. It is a historical Capital of Crete because in December 1913 the National Flag was raised in Chania during the Union of Crete with the rest of Greece. It occupies an area of approximately thirteen square kilometers and it is the second largest city in the island after Heracklion. The city of Chania is built in the ruins of ancient Kidonia. It saw and lived many intruders and civilizations, the imprints of which can be seen on the facade of its fine monuments.   

The beautiful city of Chania has managed to uphold its local authentic color, despite the rise of tourism. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Greece and the most picturesque in Crete. Chania is characterized of intense intellectual life.  A multitude of cultural events take place each year (exhibitions, festivals, theater and music performances, visual arts etc.)

The city of Chania