Management Committee

The Management Committee of SARG, TEI of Crete (Education and Research Committee) is the collective, elected body of the Institute that aims at implementing the Institute’s research policy through managing the Special Account for Research Grants (SARG). It comprises representatives from each academic department of the TEI of Crete, while one of the vice-rectors is appointed as President.

The Education and Research Committee is responsible:

  • to plan the research policy of the institute
  • to approve, accept and distribute grants in order for research and development projects to be carried out
  • to draw up annual financial and scientific statements and reports
  • to ensure that the SARG, TEI of Crete is working properly

In order to determine the research policy of the Institute and to decide on current matters concerning project management, the Committee meets in plenary session or through its authorised seven-member board.

The Secretariat of SARG, TEI of Crete is responsible for the execution of the Committee decisions and the monitoring of the financial statements and the management reports of the Special Account.