Medical Treatment

The Department of Health and Social Care (clinic) of the TEI is able to issue a Student Treatment Card to cover hospital, medical and dental care. Eligible for this Student Treatment Card are all uninsured students, in other words those who are NOT covered by their parents’ social security organisation.

Furthermore, students already insured to other social security organisations are entitled to student insurance, as long as they are deleted by their previous social security organisation (e.g. IKA, TSMEDE, TEBE, OGA, NAT, etc).

The issue of a Student Treatment Card requires the following documents:

  • Certificate that the student is deleted from the social security organisation 
  • Solemn Declaration according to Law No 1599/1986
  • Two photographs

In case that the student is covered by his/her parents’ insurance organisation, in other words he/she is entitled to use the family treatment card, yet this cannot be used due to long distance, it is possible to issue a personal treatment card upon presenting to the parents’ social security organisation the following:

  • Enrolment certificate from the Department
  • Certificate from the TEI clinic that no insurance is provided.
  • One photograph


The Department of Health and Social Care issues the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for TEI-insured students who are about to move to a European Union country within several programmes (Socrates, Erasmus, Leonardo, etc.). 

Applying for the EHIC should take place a month before departure; the documents required are the following:

  • Application for the European Health Insurance card
  • The Student Treatment Card should be renewed for the current year.
  • For students travelling within study programmes (Socrates, Erasmus, Leonardo, etc.): Certificate from the Department of Public and International Relations, TEI of Crete about the specific programme and its duration.
  • In case of travelling for another reason: Solemn Declaration (Article 8, Law No 1599/1986) explaining the reason of travelling and applying for the EHIC.
  • Copy of national identity card and passport.

Click on here to see further useful information about the EHIC.

In case of loss, destruction or any other problem concerning the EHIC, you should fill in a form handed to you by the Department of Health and Social Care.

For further information, you may contact the Department of Health and Social Care under the phone number 2810 – 379166 or the Department of Public and International Relations, TEI of Crete.