Undergraduate Studies

According to its charter, the main goal of the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Crete is to provide a degree of Higher Education in 16 specialized fields, to promote Postgraduate Education and research and to have a direct contribution to the development of both Crete and Greece through Lifelong Learning, technological and consulting services and the transfer of know-how.

The curriculum is completed in 4 years and it includes lectures and both theoretical and laboratorial classes. Furthermore, students are required to complete a practicum and an undergraduate thesis before they can graduate.

Studying at the TEI offers knowledge in technological issues and prepares students to become specialized and responsible people in the society. Counting roughly 170 permanent academic staff members and ca. 15.000 students, the TEI is a successful academic society with a well-equipped library, residence halls, sports facilities and a clinic. 

Language policy

All courses at the TEI of Crete are taught in Greek. Therefore, a good knowledge of Greek is essential for the students. However, special arrangements can be made for a specific number of courses regarding the Erasmus students who are willing to attend the regular series of courses.