School Of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition


Each Department accepts 260 students every year. The training in both Departments lasts 8 semesters and includes lectures and lab classes, which must be attended during 7 semesters. During the 8th semester, students complete a practicum in agricultural businesses, industries, public institutions and research institutes in Greece or abroad. At the same time, students are required to write an undergraduate thesis in order to graduate. These undergraduate theses are usually about the transfer and adjustment of new technologies and know-how, or experimental topics about new methods of production.

Recently, the Departments undertook a process of radically improving and updating their educational programmes, focusing on training in cutting-edge fields with regard to agricultural activities that will be of importance in the next years.


The training takes place in a sufficient number of lecture halls, in laboratory classrooms and in specially equipped greenhouses. Research, provision of services and the lab exercises take place in fully-equipped labs of the School